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Tango Display

It takes two cities to Tango Display!

Tango Display features two large-screen displays side-by-side that play artworks from two cities – one for local artists and the other showcasing artists from a paired city.

Empower both local artists and your own venue.

where to Tango Display?


Airport terminals are ideal spots for Tango Display. Travelers will enjoy a virtual showcase of stunning artworks while they wait.


Hotels are well-known for their creative use of spaces. Now, it is time to rise up to next level with Tango Display. Real-time data analysis of how guests/visitors are engaging with the artworks via our Show&Tag platform will help lead the way.

Shopping Malls

“Art” of shopping cannot go wrong with the “art” of display


Definitely the most economical international exhibition exchange for any art programs!


Turning Groundhog Day into Groundbreaking Day.

Make commuting more delightful with uplifting artworks from two cities! Yes, more cities can be added.


sustainable display program for
any exhibition venue

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